Milwaukee Steel Rule Dies produces a wide variety of tooling, from graphic shapes to carton and box designs.

Our automated bending equipment enables us to produce shapes that other systems cannot. Some shapes we can produce would be difficult or (in some cases) almost impossible to do by hand.

Large intricate dies are no problem for us. Our laser maintains precision over the entire dimension of the tool, ensuring that each cavity or individual design is identical to all the others.

This accuracy ensures that print-to cut registration is the best it can be, allowing our customers to be more creative in the design process.

Our laser and automated bender also enable us to make tooling with graphic shapes much faster than those companies using manual processes.

Keep in mind that the die board is your property, you own it! We will manufacture your steel rule die according to your specifications. Tolerances as close as +/-.005 can be obtained depending on the material, this tolerance can translate in to part tolerances with similar values.



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