World Class Die Making

World Class Die Making means accountability every step of the way from initial quote to when it arrives on your production floor. We track our steel rule die making process constantly to offer the best pricing, superior technical support and durable dies and tooling to meet your customers exacting standards. Personal accountability is every MSRD employees primary goal, we get up early and stay late to make certain your order is fulfilled.

Press ready blanking tools from MSRD & BSI

MSRD works closely with BSI to offer their press ready blanking tools to our customers. All of the blanking tooling is assembled by our BSI-trained diemakers, in our brand new facility, under strict quality controlled conditions. This means you experience the dramatic, quantifiable benefits of using blankers made with BSI parts on a daily basis in your folding carton plants – benefits that allow their blanking stations to be set-up quicker, run faster, and deliver a better product. BSI is located in Grafton, WI, just 15 minutes up the road from Milwaukee Steel Rule Dies.

6 million sheets? You heard right.

“The die room love your design, its the best for re-knifing out of all the materials we currently use. We’ve hit 6 million sheets with it. Without a doubt your T-Series Composite Dies are used for our Walmart and Target store products. All over the country. Everything we have gotten from you has exceeded expectations. Press ready die and plate made the bosses happy. They did not even add any nicks.”

– Malnove Packaging


Our technical customer service team is ready to answer questions via email or our website live chat between the hours of 9am and 3pm Monday through Friday. Let us help you make the right choice and provide the best die for your needs.


• Built by diemakers with 20+ years of experience
• Made with high-quality rule and die boards
• Precisely laser cut
• Made with auto-processed bent steel rule
• Made with machine cut ejection rubber


• Folding Cartons/Corrugated Box
• Foam Insulation
• Gaskets
• Kiss cuts
• Challenging Materials

Keeping YOUR customers happy

Providing you with the tools you need to keep your customers happy is our highest priority at Milwaukee Steel Rule Dies. Our dies and tooling feature the highest quality materials and are produced by a team of experienced diemakers in our state-of-the- art facility. Stringent quality control at every step ensures that your customers will smile when you deliver your final product.

Sourcing best-in-class tooling sets you apart in the eyes of your customers, especially when tolerances are tight and expectations are high. Milwaukee Steel Rule Dies delivers male and female stripping sets, phenolic and steel counters, and blanker sets to ensure the best outcome throughout the diecutting process. MSRD tooling products feature the highest quality materials built by an experienced team of quality-focused diemakers in our new state-of-the-art facility. Our lightning-fast customer service team is ready to tackle your challenging order today, so reach out at [email protected] or visit our website.

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